Please mark your calendars and join us to kick off the Harvard Club of Princeton's Book Club


Date:              Monday September 18, 2023

Time:             7:00PM to 8:30PM Eastern

Place:              Princeton Public Library , 65 Witherspoon St, Princeton NJ 08542

                       Meeting space:  Quiet Room, 1st floor of library

                                                                                Recommended parking:  Spring St Garage at 24 Spring St,

                                                                                Alternate:  Griggs Corner Yard and Hulfish St Garage, both on Hulfish

Book:             What We Owe the Future (2022) by William MacAskill

                              This book by the provocative moral philosopher William MacAskill speaks explicitly to our theme of "This Moment" (see below) by challenging us to                                fully consider today the welfare of all future generations

                      Enjoy great company, lively discussion and refreshments


General format after kick-off on 9/18:

  • Bi-monthly meetings (Nov, Jan, Mar, May)
  • 3rd Monday generally (specific dates: 11/13/2023, 1/22/2024, 3/18/2024, 5/20/2024)
  • 7:30 to 9pm Eastern
  • Remote with occasional in-person gatherings and author events
  • Online community for sharing in between meetings, platform TBD



Every generation has probably believed, justifiably or not, that its time was uniquely momentous in human history. We’re no different in 2023. But perhaps our generation’s claim to occupying a historic turning point stands on firmer ground. For the first time, humans have the power to end history, perhaps much of life. Climate change, engineered pandemics, unfettered AI, and nuclear holocaust are among the existential risks. What are the choices before us? How do we attend to them? Every choice is a moral one. 

The purpose of this book club is to engage with voices that speak to this moment. These voices can and should come from any source across time and space. They can take the form of prose, poetry, music, art, film, and dance. Hence, more than a book club, a book and media club.


Organizers:     Bob Eng (bobeng@outlook.com)

Cost:               None

Tickets:          CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!!!