Are your homemade breads disappointing, your souffles failing, and your friends and family losing interest in your culinary creations?  Perhaps Professor Michael Brenner can help!


Date:              Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Time:             7:00PM Eastern

Place:             Virtual meeting via Zoom  (Details will be provided with your registration confirmation)


PROFESSOR MICHAEL BRENNER is the Michael F. Cronin Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics and Professor of Physics in Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He developed the extremely popular Harvard class Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter and recently co-wrote the book Science and Cooking: Physics Meets Food, From Homemade to Haute Cuisine. His research uses mathematics to examine a wide variety of problems in science and engineering, ranging from understanding the shapes of bird beaks, whale flippers, and fungal spores, to finding the principles for designing materials that can assemble themselves, to answering ordinary questions about daily life, such as why a droplet of fluid splashes when it collides with a solid surface. He is the recipient of multiple awards for teaching and mentorship including the George Ledlie Prize, awarded in part for his work as a remarkable teacher and mentor.


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