The Columbia University Alumni Association of New Jersey is organizing the first ever All Ivy Poker Invitational and you are invited!


Date:     Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
Time:    7:00PM to 11:00PM
Place:    Online via Columbia Alumni Association's Zoom Page and a Mobile Poker Application


TEXAS HOLD'EM IS THE GAME AND PRIZES FOR THE TOP FIVE PLAYERS!!!  Ivy League alumni clubs throughout the tri-state area are expected to be represented.  So it is going to be VERY COMPETITIVE and VERY EXCITING!!!  The top finishers will walk away with SIGNIFICANT PRIZE PACKAGES!!!  There will be a separate "All-Ivy Cocktail Lounge" Zoom Room setup for those who are out of the game who want to network, play drinking games, listen to standup comedy and more.  So even if you lose, you win!  Additionally, the organizers are reaching out to some professional poker players who might be joining us in the "All-Ivy Cocktail Lounge" to talk about their experiences and answer questions. 


ALL THE DETAILS can be found on the Columbia Alumni Association website by CLICKING HERE.


Organizer:          Jason DeLuca (

Cost:                   $50 (Includes admission, gifts/prizes, and virtual cocktail lounge networking) plus buy-in

Registration:       Register at the Columbia Alumni Association website by CLICKING HERE