Jacques Fresco will give a talk entitled, "Important Discoveries are Sometimes Unsought, But You have to be Prepared for Them"

Date:  Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Time:  2:00PM

Place:  Pretty Brook Tennis Club, 229 Pretty Brook Road, Princeton, NJ 
Dr. Fresco joined the Harvard Chemistry Department in 1956 as a senior post-doctoral fellow, and subsequently became an Established Investigator of the American Heart Association, remaining at Harvard till he joined the Princeton Chemistry Department as Assistant Professor in 1960. 
Dr. Fresco is currently Professor Emeritus at Princeton after serving 53 years there in the departments of Chemistry, Biochemical Sciences, and most recently Molecular Biology.  His research background lies in the areas of nucleic acid structure, physical chemistry, and structure-function relations. He performed the first experimental test of the Watson-Crick structure for DNA and did the key experiment demonstrating that nucleic acid hybridization and therefore genetic engineering was possible. He also developed the still-current model for RNA helical secondary structure, as well as the physical chemical rationale for frameshift and substitution mutations.
Although Dr. Fresco officially retired in 2013, he continues to do research full time, following up on a major discovery his laboratory made that has turned out to have major biomedical significance. In this informative and entertaining lecture, Dr. Fresco will discuss this discovery in the context of his extensive academic research experience.

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