Dr. Mills, Founder and CEO of Blacklight Power, will speak about a remarkable new energy source from fractional hydrogen which could allow a gallon of ordinary water to provide the energy equivalent of 89 gallons of gasoline.

Date:               Sunday, March 2, 2014
Time:               2:00PM
Place:               Pretty Brook Tennis Club, 229 Pretty Brook Road, Princeton, NJ

Join us for an afternoon with HCOP member Dr. Randell Mills, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blacklight Power, a technology company which believes it has developed a process to create a previously undiscovered form of hydrogen which will result in a transformational, nonpolluting, and unlimited new primary source of energy.

“To realize how transformational this technology will be, imagine that an electric car can travel over 5,000 miles on the hydrogen energy from a gallon of water without any pollution whatsoever. Then the power source can be lifted out and plugged into your electrical panel to power your home with enough power to spare to also power your entire neighborhood.” - Dr. Mills

Dr. Mills has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Franklin & Marshall College, and a Doctor of Medicine Degree from Harvard Medical School. He began his research in the field of energy technology following a year of graduate work in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Organizers:      Mike McLaughlin & Fred Larcombe
Cost:                 No cost to dues paying members and their guests
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