Did we say "competition"? Yes! Bring two bottles of your favorite red wine... One will be blindly judged by your peers and the other becomes part of the evening's many prizes!

Date:               Saturday, January 26, 2013
Time:              7:00PM

Place:              Residence of Mike McLaughlin, 6 Voorhees Way, Pennington, NJ


Bring two bottles of your favorite wine priced below $25. Upon your arrival, the label on the first bottle will be covered with a number and uncorked and the second will be set aside.  Then everyone blindly samples all the wines and votes for their favorite by number. 


Remember those "second bottles"?  They become the prizes for the individuals who brought first, second, and third place winners!


Organizer:      Mike McLaughlin / Fred Larcombe

Cost:               $10 per person