Pinelands Canoe & Kayak Trip

Whether you are a seasoned paddler or a first timer, this event is for you! Bring your family along for a Saturday adventure and lunch outing.

Date:                Saturday, June 6, 2015
Time:                9:30AM
Place:               Mick's Pine Barrens Canoe and Kayak Rental
                        County Route 563 and Patten Lane, Chatsworth, NJ 

We start our day by meeting at 9:30AM at Mick's Pine Barrens Canoe and Kayak Rental ( nestled among New Jersey’s cranberry bogs.  Our plans are to head down the Oswego River - roughly 4 hour trip, counting lunch break. 

This canoe/kayak outing is attractive for both the experienced paddler and families, novices, and "first timers".  The Pinelands rivers are shallow, involve no "white water" rapids, and can easily be navigated by novices.  However, there are many twists and turns, overhanging branches, and submerged trees, and occasionally somebody tips over - a misadventure that befalls the experienced canoeist no less than the first-timer.   

Most of us rent our rivercraft at Mick's, but those who have their own equipment may bring it for Mick's to transport (for a portage fee) with our rented canoes and kayaks.  Canoes can also take a third passenger (but no one under 5 years old, please)!  Rental costs will average $50 per canoe or kayak for the day, depending on the size of our party and the vessel that you choose (canoes and double kayaks cost more than single kayaks).

The Adams' website offers useful information about the rivers and forests in the area. There are no restaurants en route, so do pack a lunch.  Sunscreen is a good idea in June, and while insects are rarely annoying (dragonflies actively patrol the river), some people like to bring insect repellant. 

The intrepid may find other attractions in the area after their riverine exertions: Batsto Village, Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, laws of probability at Atlantic City.   

Organizer:      Yuki and Jeff Laurenti 
Cost:               No cost to register.  Individuals will be responsible for rental of equipment.
To register for this event, contact Yuki and Jeff Laurenti at  They will arrange for the group discount, assuming our numbers warrant.  There is no fee for this event; individuals will make payment of the equipment rental fees when we assemble.