This is the perfect opportunity to experience the excitement of driving a real Formula 2000 open-wheeled open-cockpit race car! Need we say anything more?

Date:               Sunday, September 28, 2014
Time:              8:00AM
Place:              Pocono Raceway 

Whether you are a seasoned thrill seeker looking for a new experience or just someone who wants to try something out of the ordinary, this is the school for you! The Bertil Roos Racing School ( provides everything you need for an exhilarating day at Pocono Raceway ( All you need to bring is your sense of adventure!


You begin by registering with one of our staff members and then it’s off to get you fitted for your racing suit and helmet! You then move on to the classroom for a 45 minute safety class with our Chief Instructor where you will learn about the basic techniques you will need to drive the Formula car on a road course.


You will then drive with one of our instructors in our street cars to familiarize yourself with the track while learning where to brake and when to turn for each corner. We offer individualized attention with our low student to teacher ratio of not more than 3 students per instructor! Your next class will teach you about the operation of the Formula car as well as the flags that will be used to communicate with you while on the track and the rules you will need to follow to ensure a safe yet exciting day.

Then it is off to the races! Strap yourself in to the cockpit and take off for your first of four 20 minute sessions on an exciting road course. After each session, you will receive feedback from the instructors so that you can make changes to your driving and increase your speed in your next session. You will be given about 45 minutes to an hour for lunch after your 1st session. After the break you will have a question and answer classroom session followed by 3 more 20 minute sessions on track. As you driving skills improve so does your speed! By the end of the program you will have completed about 60 laps on a road course that is over 1 mile long reaching speeds of over 100 mph!  

After you complete the course you will have a graduation ceremony complete with the distribution of diplomas! If you are looking for the ultimate introduction to road racing, this course is for you!


Organizer:      Fred Larcombe
Cost:               $1,095 per person
Tickets:           Click here to buy tickets!!!